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The Path to Commercializing SMRs: Jim Carter to Speak at Canadian Nuclear Society Meeting

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James Carter • June 21, 2019

At the Canadian Nuclear Society’s annual meeting in Ottawa on June 24-26, I will be speaking about commercializing new small modular reactor (SMR) and advanced reactor (AR) technologies.

After working with or advising several companies engaged in developing new power reactor technologies (including NuScale), I realized that some of the small, early-stage players have limited understanding of the arduous path to commercialization, which led me to develop this presentation.

The professional, societal, and economic demands for commercializing SMRs and ARs can be significant and daunting. A good technical concept is not enough. My discussion will realistically address requirements and ideas for bringing SMR and AR technology to the market.

I’ll address a labyrinth of challenges in the session, including proof of concept, technical matters, market factors, competition, brand recognition, fundraising, prototyping, licensing, personnel, partnerships, intellectual property, legal, accounting, deployment, and others.

The commitment of time and money needed to commercialize these technologies will extend for years, and the end game is uncertain until a unit is successfully deployed and operating as planned. There are well over 100 technologies in the development pipeline. Not every idea will cross the finish line regardless of its technical or commercial value. Many will fail along the way.

My presentation will only scratch the surface, but hopefully it will stimulate expanded dialogue and ultimate success.