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Sources of Agreement: Our Hopes for a New U.S. Government

Category: Industry News
Eric Gould • November 10, 2020

The results of the 2020 U.S. election appear to be complete, with only the composition of the U.S. Senate remaining in doubt. Clearly, we are looking at period of closely divided government where compromise will be required.

Importantly, both parties support many of the same things when it comes to energy policy, and in particular the future of nuclear power. Both parties support the continued development of the next generation of nuclear power and advanced reactors as a solution for carbon-free power and continued electrification of the U.S. Both parties also support infrastructure development as a way of recovering from the recession caused by COVID-19.

Our hope, in a period of narrowly divided government, is that the parties can build on these sources of agreement to move forward with important policy initiatives that will enable the next wave of nuclear power plants to be designed and built across the U.S.