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NEI Publishes Second Implementation Guide by Modus Team

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Modus • July 21, 2023

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) has published a new implementation guide written by Modus co-founders and partners Carrie Okizaki and Eric Gould and senior consultant Jim Carter.

Many new nuclear projects are first of a kind (FOAK). They’re often characterized by a lengthy development process and significant uncertainty during project planning.

This guide is geared to project owners, focusing on leadership through this challenging stage. It details how senior management can develop and support the appropriate project teams, establish an accountability structure, and ensure that quality and safety are ingrained in the teams’ work.

The guide is titled Extreme Ownership, Experience of Stakeholders, Owner Led Integrated Project Team, and Ingrained Nuclear Construction Quality and Safety Culture Mentality. It’s the latest in a series of guides written to explain how the best practices outlined in the NEI report, Strategic Project Management Lessons Learned & Best Practices for New Nuclear Power Construction, can be put into practice on new nuclear construction projects.

The new implementation guide is available to full NEI members. You can view an executive summary here.