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Modus Strategic Solutions is Launching a New Division

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Modus • May 18, 2020
Trusted Project Data. Integrated Enterprise Information. Knowledge-Based Decisions.

Corporate organizations are constantly changing to adapt to market conditions. At Modus, we have provided high-level strategic consulting advice to companies executing large, complex capital projects for nearly a decade. Through that work, we have seen firsthand the impacts of poor project-to-project and project-to-enterprise integration. Modus has provided solutions to these challenges rooted in unquestioned and universal trust of the project data and 360° integration of project planning and performance with your enterprise needs and business objectives.

Big Data is now integral for complex construction projects. Data is complicated, but with strong data collection and Master Data management standards, together with clear cost, schedule and risk governance, organizations can rely on real-time, integrated and trusted data to make critical decisions or to quickly pivot with changing circumstances. For project reporting to be effective, it must be timely, trusted and available, and fully integrated at all levels.

We are expanding our services to offer design and implementation of tailored integrated project solutions for your business, including delivery of data transformation and project reporting. Building on our top-tier resources and our deep experience, we are uniquely positioned to help your organization dispose of cookie-cutter answers and get the customized solutions that empower your business objectives. Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. The best practices for your enterprise project solutions are ones that are customized for your business.

We deliver the comprehensive integration of people, processes and tools that drive excellence in enterprise project delivery:

ENTERPRISE INTEGRATION. Creating connections between people, processes and systems to ensure the right information is available when and where you need it.

PROJECT CONTROLS INFRASTRUCTURE. Ensuring projects are delivered within budget and on schedule, allowing your organization to be effective, efficient and focused on managing risk.

SYSTEM INTEGRATION ANALYTICS. Providing integrated IT tools that empower your processes and turn data into information.

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT. Connecting the processes, tools and people with a common purpose.

We are taking the next step for our clients.

Watch for details about our upcoming webinar: Project-To-Enterprise Integration: Synchronizing Project Data with Your Business Needs. For future updates, blog posts and more information, please visit or LinkedIn.

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