Project Controls and Risk Management

Partnering for Success

Modus’s project controls provide owners with the comfort that no surprise or challenge is hidden from view. From the project’s outset to its closeout, Modus’s consultants will implement controls that place transparency and accuracy at the forefront, so that any problems are known and resolved. Our unique skill is developing project controls approaches rooted in our in-depth understanding of industry-best practices.

Risk is inevitable throughout a project’s lifecycle – from planning through execution and commissioning – each phase presents a new set of challenges that create opportunity for risk. The Modus team brings unrivaled engineering, procurement and construction management expertise to help our clients identify and manage project risks. And while many risks may pose a threat to project success, we recognize that risk also presents a great opportunity to improve a projects efficiency and profitability.

Our project controls and risk management expertise stems from our consultants’ many years of boots-on-the-ground project management and project oversight. Our process includes partnering for success by engaging with a project owner’s project management resources to form formidable and effective teams across a diverse set of projects. Our project controls and risk management services include:

  • Tracking a project’s schedule, budget and commercial status and identifying key risks, developing different methods for gauging their potential impact and consequences, and establishing methods to mitigate risk
  • Developing rules-of-credit and earned value metrics and commodity tracking for various work groups, contractors and/or sub-projects
  • Reporting procurement status including fabrication, assembly and delivery of key components
  • Cost trending analyses, forecasting and reforecasting
  • Developing stochastic-based management reserve and contingency
  • Evaluating and suggesting improvements to integration between project risk management and enterprise risk management systems and capabilities
  • Working with every level of the organization, on the ground and in the board room, to identify and manage risk
  • Conducting risk workshops and interviews to identify threats, aggregate relevant data and present fact-based risk assessment
  • Creation and implementation of a risk management tool that can be updated and reused to help ensure the success of future projects