Portfolio Management

Comprehensive Portfolio Management

Delivery of projects and capital assets is not always an area where companies have in-house expertise, but it is necessary for growth and the increased life expectancy of existing assets.

Modus consultants understand project management and large capital asset delivery, capital portfolio management and the risk management processes that accompany individual projects and their cumulative effects on corporate portfolios.

Corporations and project owners need a plan that encompasses all of their capital investments. Each phase of a project – from origination and evaluation for funding to detailed development, implementation, commissioning, and closeout – must be standardized. Rule-based guidance enables the company to manage each project within the portfolio consistently.

Our team members have helped utilities and other companies develop and manage project and portfolio delivery systems and the programs that are required to support those efforts. We’ve worked with companies to support portfolios in excess of $1 billion in annual spend.

Our portfolio management services include:

  • Working side-by-side with the client to set up a portfolio program specific to their needs.
  • Developing standardized toolsets, performance management systems, and reporting requirements that align with corporate deliverables at every level.
  • Helping the client integrate finance and project controls from an asset management and asset delivery standpoint, so they can seamlessly translate costs from an asset development program to asset operations and maintenance systems and begin recovering these investments.
  • Providing ongoing strategic advice and program assessment, and reporting findings to the program’s stakeholders.