Project Assessments

Independent Project Assessment

Assessment of large capital projects gives project owners a snapshot of the status of the project at any given time. It is a way to determine current project status, ideal project status, and any gaps between the two. As many modern organizations have lost the “in-house” capability to produce independent, unbiased project oversight and assessment, the Modus team brings strategic thinking and the benefit of lessons learned across multiple large capital projects to benchmark a project against industry standards. Our depth of expertise offers clear, cost-effective solutions that can bring immediate and positive impact to a project.

Independent project assessment is critical for organizations who:
  • Want to target individual areas or a section of a project that may need extra help
  • Are implementing large capital expenditure
  • Provide insurance or financing for the project
  • Report project status to a governing Board of Directors
  • Require government or regulatory approvals throughout the project lifecycle
  • Want to equip managers with an independent voice to support decision making
  • Need to diagnose causes, effects and determine the most appropriate response to issues that arise throughout the project lifecycle
  • Adhere and report to third-party stakeholders
Project assessments can occur throughout the project lifecycle:
  • Upfront as the project is in the planning phase.
  • Readiness to begin project execution
  • Mid-point assessments during project execution and/or targeted assessments when problems arise
  • Closing/Commissioning assessment of commercial positions to address potential claims and regulatory readiness
And assess a project’s people, process and effectiveness:

Personnel Assessments

  • Review of the capabilities of a project team to ensure the right people are available and in the right position to help ensure project success
  • Review roles and responsibilities to test quality of communication and decision-making

Process Assessments

  • Review of project schedule, budget, metric and controls to measure progress
  • Test readiness plans for each project phase, from initial planning to project commissioning

Assessing Effectiveness

  • Ensuring the project is deploying the most effective commercial management model
  • Identify risk profile and potential gaps to find and fix any flaws in the project plan
  • Benchmark project conformance with industry best practices