Experience That Counts

The organization is led by co-founders and partners Eric Gould and Carrie Okizaki, who founded Modus Strategic Solutions, Inc. in 2011 following meaningful careers in project oversight as part of a legal practice. They are joined by Ryan Smith, who directs the team’s Canadian operations. Together, their goal is to focus the Modus team of experts on helping clients navigate the complexities of managing large capital projects with clear, immediate and cost-effective solutions.

Carrie Okizaki

Co-founder and Partner

Carrie is co-founder and partner of Modus Strategic Solutions, Inc. An attorney, Carrie has broad experience in consulting services for project owners and other stakeholders to manage all stages of the construction project lifecycle, including supporting contracting strategies, contract negotiation, contractor management and advising on day-to-day commercial issues. Carrie is passionate about the value the Modus team provides clients, and is committed to continuing to grow and strengthen its services to help project owners navigate the complexities of large capital projects. She values the opportunity to sit alongside project teams, tailoring services and approaches to meet individual client needs, and serving as a collaborative sounding board and providing candid, focused feedback.

Specifically, Carrie helps clients develop effective contract management and change management processes to forecast and control project costs. She has experience in all aspects of commercial project management, including, developing contracting strategies, negotiating project contracts, developing contract management and contract administration programs, negotiating change orders and claims, and dispute resolution (including mediation, arbitration and litigation). She is a member of the Panel of Construction Arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association.

Carrie has led a team of prudence experts, providing strategy and developing written testimony for prudence reviews for rate recovery. Ultimately, Carrie is committed to project success and leads the team in consulting strategy and analysis to allow clients to make smart decisions.

Eric Gould

Co-founder and Partner

Eric is co-founder and partner of Modus Strategic Solutions, Inc. With more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry, he provides clients project oversight and strategic advice on large capital projects. At the core, Eric is a problem solver. He excels at dissecting issues – whether it’s an idea, strategy or method of execution – to see what makes sense, what doesn’t, and how it can be better, more efficient and ultimately more effective. This expertise, partnered with a true passion for the business, benefits project owners by advising Board of Directors, project executives, construction managers, project teams and other engaged, stakeholders to help navigate the complexities of large capital projects.

Specifically, Eric has tracked and consulted on the planning, development, procurement, construction and rehabilitation of more than 18,000 MW of electric power in North America. His experience spans all types of power generation, leading project oversight, assessment, risk management, dispute resolution and expert testimony for the Modus team. Eric is also committed to project management mentoring, sharing his expertise from across the industry by coaching and mentoring project teams to support successful projects.

N. Ryan Smith

Vice President, Operations

Ryan is the Vice President of Operations for Modus Strategic Solutions. In this role, he directs Modus’ Canadian projects and manages the company’s Ontario office.

Ryan is a licensed professional engineer with 15 years of project management experience, focused on organizational effectiveness, leadership, and risk and decision management. He has spent more than a decade in the Canadian energy industry, where he has been responsible for implementing comprehensive project oversight and risk management programs, working with both contractor and owner organizations.