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Planning and executing large capital projects in the energy sector has never been more complicated or risk-laden. Before the shovel even hits the ground, and regardless of the robustness of the planning process, project owners must evaluate and understand what risks – both foreseeable and unforeseeable – a project inevitably presents. And as energy companies consider a project’s feasibility, they must evaluate and understand where they are vulnerable. Ultimately, how you handle risk is often the difference between a successful project, and one that misses its most critical budget, schedule and performance goals.

As many modern organizations have lost the “in-house” capability to produce independent, unbiased oversight and assessment, our highly-experienced team of experts partners with you to prudently manage risk and help to recover investment in large capital projects.

We support project owners through:
  • Meaningful, digestible and unbiased project oversight and assessments to identify, mitigate and manage risk and enable project leaders to make informed decisions to increase the probability of project success.
  • Tailored services to fit the needs of each client or project. Our services and expertise span across a project’s lifecycle, including people, processes and effectiveness, and our involvement can range anywhere from targeted focus on an area of the project that may need extra help, to providing comprehensive project oversight of the project’s status and health.
  • A team of experienced professionals with a unique blend of technical, commercial, regulatory and management expertise across many industries – and a track record of success — to help you interpret the enormous amount of data large projects produce and help ensure your success and profitability.

Our perspective is clear, immediate and cost-effective and our history reflects candid and effective observations and recommendations to help navigate the complexities of managing large capital projects.

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Experience That Counts

The team of experts at Modus Strategic Solutions, Inc. brings unrivaled expertise through a specialized understanding of the risks that plague complex projects, helping organizations manage and successfully deliver large capital projects through thorough and objective project oversight, assessment and management services.

Our commitment is to provide value as a trusted advisor, and we do so through our highly-functioning team of professionals who bring decades of experience and a unique blend of real-world expertise from the construction, legal and consulting industries. We’ve worked together for many years, and thoroughly enjoy what we do to bring you experience that counts directly towards the success of your project.

Been There, Done That:

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